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A personal service for your film gradings and corrections.

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I will be your Personal Remote Colorist, to improve your film.

Step 1


After picking the service you want – SDR (100 nits), HDR (1000 nits), or Film Restorations – you can upload your video and reference images on our secure MASV Portal.

Step 2


Let's collaborate on Frame.io! Watch me work on your video and leave comments directly on the DaVinci Resolve live project timeline. You can also remotely view with the Blackmagic Screen Share Reference tool.

Step 3


Once you're happy, satisfied, and have approved the project, you'll receive your invoice. After payment, you'll get the download link for your final rendered video.

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Wilfred is working personally on your project with all his passion and your wishes.

My Recent Works

We put your ideas and thus your wishes in the form of a unique film project that inspires you and your customers.

Studio IceField HDR 8k

Me working on HDR 8k

Extreme High Quality footage to work with, from RED Raptor camera

Studio IceField Pearl

Working with Vibrant Colors

At my Studio working on the Award winning Short film Pearl.

Studio IceField - Butterfly


Butterfly A short film in one Long Shot It was a week of many reports in the newspapers about violence against Homophobia.

Studio IceField short Voor Altijd

Voor Altijd

Connected with you forever through the love for each other.

Studio IceField short Pearl


What would it be like if food was affordable for everyone in the world? Is it sci-fi when a potato is replaced by pill? When all daily nutrients are present in a cheap pill?



Short for 48 Hours project

Humberto Tan

Humberto Tan

Youtube Car Interviews by Nick Voorbach Verkeesboete.nl

Royce de Vries

Royce de Vries

Youtube Car Interviews by Nick Voorbach Verkeesboete.nl

Julia Mekkes

Julia Mekkes

Youtube Car Interviews by Nick Voorbach Verkeesboete.nl

Exploring the impact of stereotyping in color grading

My First Book

My First book I have written.
"Exploring the impact of stereotyping in color grading"

Showreel van Studio IceField


Project was about precision and information.

Studio IceField - Morgen Vitaal

Morgen Vitaal

Online fitness programma voor ouderen

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Utilizing industry-leading tools to achieve perfect color grading results in your film.


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DaVinci Resolve
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DaVinci Resolve

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Color Magic


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Let’s work together!

I grade and correct your film beautifully because I love what I do.
Just simple like that!